WET Marine – Search and Recovery unit


Operating both Submersible and Aerial ROVs (remotely operated vehicle) in Victoria recovering lost objects and providing economical   aerial & underwater surveillance and inspections of vessels and marine facilities.

WET Marine Search and Recovery operate state-of-the-art submersible and aerial remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and can be dispatched using our AMSA approved support vessel, CASA approved amphibious aircraft or 4x4/ATV vehicles.

Our sumbersibles drones operate within inland lakes, creeks, water storage structures as well as coastal bays, marinas plus open water such as Bass Strait. Our coverage includes but not limited to Port Phillip, Western Port and Geelong Corio Bays, the Bellarine Peninsular, Lake Eildon and Lake Eppalock.

The aerial drones can be operated under strict CASA regulations either over water or land and can be also be dispatched to remote locations using our 4x4s, ATVs, vessel or aircraft.

Our flexibility and mobility are our strength, Our DJI M600 PRO and Mini 2 aerial ROVs can provide various aerial 4k HD pictures which are now possible at a fraction of the costs of expensive helicopters. Our Blue Robotics submersible are fitted with a claw to enable retrieval of objects and a full 4k HD camera to provide visual inspection capability. Another service offered is real time monitoring of divers acting as a support and diving "buddy"

We are able to provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

Submersible - Pier, pylon and structure visual inspection whilst the aerial ROV can accomplish survey, property pictures for real estate agents or various other tasks

Hull visual inspections (condition, anti-foul, props etc.)

Vessel mooring visual inspections

Location and retrieval of lost property (fishing equipment, tackle boxes, keys, drones, personal property)

Hazardous material locating

Visual inspection of dams, reservoirs or water storage tanks

All inspections and recoveries can include full High Definintion video recording and/or live streaming for analysis purposes.

We are appropriately equipped and licenced including insurance to work with individuals including councils, port and water authorities plus law enforcement agencies.


Our image gallery demonstrates the flexibility of our operations and the capability of our equipment.


  • Thanks Grant from WET Marine for doing a quick visual inspection at short notice of my rudder after hitting a submerged object which assisted my surveyor in organising repairs.

    George A.
  • My Vessel had a massive vibration and I thought the prop shaft had been damaged till WET Marine did a visual inspection with the drone where it was found that a massive growth had formed on a propeller blade. The growth was quickly removed, and I did not have to pay for dry dock or a mechanical inspection thanks team 👌

    Andy A.

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